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dynamic ITEMS using ASP
fatboy2k6 - 8/23/2006 at 07:19 AM

I have scoured the forums here to see how to generate the ITEMS array from ASP script (pulling data from database). The closest I have seen is a discussion on using PHP. Seems ASP should be similar, but I have tried this thing doezns of ways and it just does not seem to work.

I modified the scroll.html to be scroll.asp (updated the scroll.js accordingly to point to scroll.asp not scroll.html)

I build the ITEMS array dynamically (tested the output- it is properly formed, no syntax errors) in the scoll.asp page.

I then changed the scroll.tpo.js to (update the scroll.asp to NOT document.write relative include for scroll.tpo.js, instead, use include file).

Nothing works. I have tried moving the ASP script to various files but nothing seems to work. What am I missing?

fatboy2k6 - 8/23/2006 at 07:33 AM

Nevermind. The problem was with the SQL expecting a parameter not passed into scroll.asp.

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