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Why doesn't it work online? II
meh - 4/13/2005 at 11:09 PM

Hello everybody !

First thanks a lot for these very nice tigra-scripts !! But I have a problem, I discover this forum today to look if I find an solution to this prob, but unfortunately I did not. Maybe I was not careful enough ? :))

So, my problem is this:

Everythings ( scrolling vertical) works offline on my pc very fine, without problem after changes in cont1.html and cont2.html ...But after uploading everything, the scrolling does not work online on my NGO-website. And I still don't understand why ! I tried too to upload the original script without changing nothing, and then the same : works fine offline, but not online anymore (MIE and Firefox). Only the table-header is to see, but the scroller-window is very little without scrolling anything.

...It would be so nice to have a solution, thanks a lot for answers !


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