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Use .asp and mssql?
dino - 4/6/2005 at 02:40 AM

I'm trying to get Tiagra Scroller(free version) to get its content from the results of a select query from a mssql database using an asp page. The asp page uses asp's document.write property to display the results of the query. I renamed scroll.tpl1.js to scroll.tpl1.asp and I changed the scroll.html file's document.write property to point to the asp page, but it doesn't work. It just returns a blank page. Does anyone know a way to do this? thanks.

rock - 4/6/2005 at 08:34 AM

Please attach here sample of your tpl.asp

dino - 4/6/2005 at 02:41 PM

Here is my scroll.tpl1.asp file. For testing, the only line I changed from the file supplied with the program was 'file:'

BEGIN scroll.tpl1.asp

LOOK = {
// scroller box size: [width, height]
'size' : [300, 225],
// for on-demand mode: path to image for scrolling items backward
// if relative than to Tscroll_path_to_files
'up' : 'alf.gif',
// for on-demand mode: path to image for scrolling items forward
// if relative than to Tscroll_path_to_files
'dn' : 'art.gif'

// if scrolling mode is auto (true / false);
'auto' : true,
// if scrolling direction is vertical (true / false, false means horisontal)
'vertical' : true,
// scrolling speed, pixels per 40 miliseconds;
// for auto mode use negative value to reverse scrolling direction
'speed' : 10
// a data to build scroll window content
{ // file to get content for item from; if is set 'content' property doesn't matter
// only body of HTML document is taken to become scroller item content
// note: external files require time for loading
// it is RECOMMENDED to use content property to speed loading up
// please, DON'T forget to set ALL IMAGE SIZES
// in either external file or in 'content' string for scroller script
// to be able to estimate item sizes
'file' : '../s1_data/eventscrolldata-1.asp',
// string to be displayed as item content,
// is RECOMMENDED to be used as an alternative to 'file' property
'content' : '<b><center>Tigra Scroller Advantages</center></b>',
// pause duration when item top gets top of the scroller box, seconds
'pause_b' : 1,
// pause duration when item bottom gets bottom of the scroller box, seconds
'pause_a' : 0
'file': '',
'content': '<p><b>Saves the space on the page</b> - With Tigra Scroller there is always enough space for the content you want on your site. Hot news, events, slide shows, ads - everything can fit without destroying your design idea.</p>',
'pause_b': 1,
'pause_a': 0
'file' : '',
'content' : '<p><b>Attracts visitor's attention</b> - Make sure your visitors read hot content immediately after page loads. With Tigra Scroller text and images presented in a natural way for easy reading.</p>',
'pause_b' : 1,
'pause_a' : 0
'file' : '',
'content' : '<p><b>Professional Look</b> - With this simple to install and maintain widget your site can look really cool.</p>',
'pause_b' : 1,
'pause_a' : 0


rock - 4/7/2005 at 01:44 PM

here is files works good for me (Tigra Scroller v1.5)

dino - 4/7/2005 at 07:54 PM

Thank you. I got it working.

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