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first install - error message - start is not defined
BD - 3/18/2005 at 08:07 PM

Hello -
This is my first install of one of your products. So far it seems very clear and easy to understand. But - in Mozilla, I am getting an error message that says start is not defined.

Can you help?


rock - 3/21/2005 at 09:21 AM

Please refer to our Customer Care System and mention there URL of the project or attach reproducible sample of the issue for diagnostic purposes.

BD - 3/21/2005 at 03:54 PM

Thank you -

BD - 3/21/2005 at 04:47 PM

I got the scroller working when I changed the directory where my files were stored to ts_files. I had changed the path in scroll.js but is there anywhere else that refers to the path? I also had to clear the cache in my browser as it wasn't reflecting my changes.

In general I thought this was a very easy script to use - thank you

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