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Adding and removing pages on the scrollera??
mackai - 3/17/2005 at 07:16 PM

Adding and removing pages on the scrollera??

I've purchased a site template that included Tigra Scroller basic. The template
Help file saida??

The scroller in the sidebar is actually showing 3 HTML pages that you will simply edit like normal web pages. Edit the 3 "scroller?.html" pages in the "scroller" folder. Change the scroller fonts and colors in the "scroller.css". You can edit the "background-scroller.jpg" with your own image. And edit the "scroll.variables0.js" to change the scroller size or speed or add or remove pages to the scroller window. If you add links to the sidebar pages, be sure to view the "scroller2.html" page for the proper code to target the links."

So today I have three news articles to put in my scroller, tomorrow I might only have one, the instructions sound like there should be a a??control panela?? like setting to make this happen. Well Ia??m not seeing it. Instead of leaving old/out of date info in the scroller Ia??d like to remove it. But I may not have any thing at that time to replace it with.

Could some one tell me the easiest way to make these changes...


rock - 3/18/2005 at 01:02 PM

Could you mention the product version please.

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