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Why doesn't it work online?
stoney - 2/26/2005 at 04:15 AM

1. Downloaded Scroller (free)
2. Experimented with scroller by typing my own text over the cont1.html and cont2.html
3. Clicked on INdex.html in the demo and it scrolled fine in the Index page.

Question: I'm using Trellix to design my page. I've uploaded all the necessary files to run the scroller but since I'm working with an online editor that cuts and pastes text into the document based upon location where it's suppose to be placed:

1. What text do I paste in there?
2. Where is the simplicity in this that the average user doesn't need to know jave programming?
3. What do I change in the js and css files?

I can't get it to define it's source. I obviously need a java language to place into my webpage that will call up the js and css files....correct?

Could you please give me the code that needs to be placed into the page? I'm not sure what I need to edit and what I don't , and please try to keep it in laymans terms, we're not all programmers here.


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