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i don't seem to get it...
Moleman - 12/14/2004 at 09:15 PM

ok, i downloaded it, installed it, and then found out it didn't work as i expected... however, it didn't even show me anything

I got a page with a border on each side, i want the scroller to appear in the right border, but first it showed me a white page as large as the scroller settings, later after some messing with it, it didn't show me anything anymore :(

edit: i started all over again, and added following code to my page...
<script language="JavaScript" src="tigra_scroller/ts_files/scroll.js">

<body bgcolor="#FFFFF0">

<table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="955" align="center" height="470">
<td width="955" height="470">
<table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="955" height="443">
<td width="146" rowspan="3" background="lefttop2.jpg" height="443">&nbsp;</td>
<td width="4" height="65"></td>
<td width="654" height="78" background="midtop2.jpg">&nbsp;</td>
<td width="3" height="51"></td>
<td width="147" rowspan="3" background="righttop2.jpg" height="443">
<script language="JavaScript">Tscroll_init(0);</script>
and the rest of my table... anyway, it just gives me a blank, white screen... it even removed my background... what to do? :(
*end of edit*

any help might be usefull...

rock - 12/15/2004 at 11:47 AM

Have you changed in file scroll.js:
var Tscroll_path_to_files = 'ts_files/'
var Tscroll_path_to_files = 'tigra_scroller/ts_files/';
As documentation states Tscroll_path_to_files var should define path to the rest of scoller files.

Moleman - 12/15/2004 at 12:17 PM

no i did forget that... but anyhow, i changed it now, and it still gives me a blank page... :(

edit: ok i found out why it gave me a blank page... i forgot to put </script> in the head... but i still don't get my scroller...

edit2: i got my scroller working, but how can i use a background-image in it?
do i have to change scroll0.css -> background-image: url (../xxx.jpg) ?

rock - 12/15/2004 at 12:41 PM

you can find sample in the scroll1.css from your download package.

Moleman - 12/15/2004 at 01:03 PM

ok thx, i got it completely working the way i wanted it...

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