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Problems with Tigra scroller under Firebird when setting the DOCTYPE
razvanm - 9/22/2004 at 08:30 PM

Hi !

On my website I had to set the DOCTYPE on all *.html files as:

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "">

Since I had trouble with some versions of IE I had to do the same even with the files related to the Tigra scroller (like "scroll.html" and the others that hold the content). After doing so on Firefox I get an undesired behavior: the content on the scroller suddenly is replaced with the next content. There is no smooth transition any more. Can somebody help me to fix this ?

Obs: On my site I am using Tigra 1.4. Locally, I have tried the above with Tigra 1.5 (the current version) but the result is the same (this is why I did not bothered to upgrade the website to the new scroller version).


razvanm - 9/24/2004 at 07:03 AM


I hope that Tigra developers are reading these forums. If you are not interested to fix it tell me where I should look and I will try to fix this bug.


rock - 9/24/2004 at 10:03 AM

We've faced with DOCTYPE problem at PRO version, solution was to place missing 'px' everywhere where dimensions should be measured in pixels.
Please try this solution and post the results here.

razvanm - 9/25/2004 at 01:16 PM

Thanks a lot rock !!! It is working now.

Bor - 3/4/2005 at 08:30 PM

please help me,
where do i place the px ?
i am using menu pro

funkmasta - 7/11/2005 at 07:42 PM

Wow, I'm glad I found this thread. The whole point of me using the Tigra Scroller was to save development time. I'd rather focus on getting everything working than trying to re-invent the wheel. In that aspect, the scroller has really been great.

However, why hold out on this little fix for just the pro users? Once I knew what the problem was it only took me a minute to scan through the code and slap in the proper + 'px' lines.

While I'm at it, why not just design this to be transitional compliant? It would save a lot of busy designers lots of time trying to dig through the code, searching for lines that spit out non-compliant code. Admittedly, I have not looked at the pro version which may do just that. Still, it'd be a nice "we care about our users" touch.

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