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Can columns with links be added to table?
JohnAldriedge - 9/12/2002 at 05:04 PM

I haven't tried the product yet, but am about to buy it. Can you tell me if it is possible to add columns with hyperlinks? For example, adding links for "Edit" or "Delete".


tigra - 9/13/2002 at 07:16 AM

Sure, Just put


<a href='your_edit_page'>edit</a>

as cell data.

lem45 - 2/4/2003 at 01:38 AM

Is there a way around this?

alphadog - 2/5/2003 at 02:38 AM

I'm not tech support, but it seems to me you can add your own custom javascript comparator functions, right? I have no need to sort a link column, but I can see the need in the future. Check out the docs under the 'types' section. You could probably call a javascript function instead of inlining it, and use regexps to get the text part of the link.

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