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working with Cold Fusion
iz - 7/25/2003 at 05:43 AM

Just bought tables Pro. Need to know if there is a way to make it work with Cold Fusion. I see the record set is to be included in table.cont0.js. Unfortunately coldfusion needs a .cfm file so that the cfquery tag can be used to generate the content dynamically from our database. For example, create a list of all our customers and filter results by state, city and zip. How can this work??

nik - 7/25/2003 at 07:55 AM

JavaScript files don't need to have *.js extension. That's why table.cont0.js can be easily renamed to table.cont0.cfm. But don't remember to write properly link to this file on the page where tables are built.

iz - 7/25/2003 at 03:13 PM

Any chance of an example? I tried this, but doesn't work.
<script language="JavaScript" src="ttp_files/table.js"></script>
<script language="JavaScript" src="ttp_files/table.tpl0.js"></script>
<!--- The cfinclude tag links the file to this page ---> <cfinclude template="ttp_files/table_content.cfm">

When I run just the query file, copy and paste the results into a js file and link the js file, it works fine, but it won't take the cfm file include.

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