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Tables Pro Filter
DDWATKINS - 1/26/2008 at 01:43 AM

can some help me create a script of some sort to help populate my tables pro.

Here is my situation....I have a comma demited list of about 4500 items. Each web page that I create should have a table on it showing only the items that pertain to that item
Example: the page would be AX15.html which is a type of transmission. On this page i would normally create a table by coping and pasting the parts for AX15 only. As of now i will have about 125 pages to create, each with its own table. What I would like to do is have a blank table on each page and once you click on the link to go the AX15 page or any page for Tables Pro to capture " ax15" (or what ever other variable I need) somehow from the html and then enter it in the search field of tables pro and refresh the table, hence only showing the parts for AX15 in this table. I want all this to happen on load of the page with out the vistior having to type any thing in the filter page or having to refresh...this way it seems to happen automatically. The column that i want to filter from is called "description"

Thanks in advance to all

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