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Returning to a preset table state
spw - 3/18/2006 at 04:28 AM

I think this is touched on by another post " programatically pre-select row or rows in table" but was unresolved

I have a table that contains 52 rows of information - this is displayed 8 rows at a time - each display of 8 rows I am referring to here as a "table page".

If I go to "table page 3" and select a row (say row "xxx") then my on-click will load infoxxx.htm which replaces the html page in which the table was displayed.

I have a link on the infoxxx.htm to "return" (in this case reload) the table but am always returned to the initial table state (table page 1) regardless of the "table page" I was on when I selected a row.

has anyone figured how to return to a preset table state???

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