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sorting indicator - how to move it over
brianr - 10/10/2005 at 10:45 PM

Within each heading cell, we have a colum title and an arrow graphic to indicate the direction of sorting on the column, if it is sorted. Right now, on wide columns, the textual column name is on the left and the graphic is on the right. Is there an easy way to get the graphic to appear right next to the text an eliminate all of the space between the two?

kokonaing - 12/9/2005 at 10:31 AM

One more vote! I am also finding a way to achieve that. Please help us, if anyone got a solution for this. Thanks.

spw - 1/16/2006 at 04:42 AM

Agree that this is desirable - have played around in table.js and have managed to get rid of the confusing ">> >>" next/last page indicators and instead have replaced them with "> >>".

Applicable code segment follows - you just have to figure out where in tables.js it belongs - hint: look for the section that has « and » - it is these that I replaced with > and < and added a space ( )

Am now looking at the sorting section - will post more if sucessful.

spw - 1/16/2006 at 04:46 AM

I wish i could spell...

Here is the modified first/prev and next/last page segment:

if(!paging)var paging=[];this.TTPT={'TTP1C'||'<< ','TTP1D':paging.pp||' <','TTP1F'||'>&a mp;nbsp;','TTP1G'||' >>

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