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Select or unselect all rows with one click
Freez - 5/26/2005 at 04:31 PM


I want to select all the rows with one click. Is it possible and how?

Thank You,


jmh - 12/7/2005 at 08:05 PM

You can use this javascript function to select all rows on the current "page": TTablePRO[0].exeSelect();

For example:

<a href="#" onclick="TTablePRO[0].exeSelect();"><img src="/images/selectall.gif" border="0"></a>

This function will not select all rows on every page if you are using the built-in paging feature. I know this works in v2.1 of Tigra Tables PRO. I don't know if this works in any prior release.

spw - 3/20/2006 at 07:24 AM

I am curious to know WHY you would want to select all the rows???

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