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mark selected row programatically
madhavaleti - 1/31/2005 at 04:35 PM

Can I mark a row programatically?
Right now I am using marked feature in TABLE_LOOK JS variable to mark a selected row and I have multimark enabled. So when I click the row, it gets marked to the color I specified. When I load the table with the dynamic data I want some of the rows to be marked (as I get that when the row is clicked). Is there a way to do that?

If this is an enhancement I am ready to pay for it. Let me know.

thank you,

jmh - 12/7/2005 at 08:12 PM

According to SoftComplex, this is not possible with the current version of Tigra Tables PRO...v2.1 at the time of this posting. You would need to request this as a customization. You'd have to do the same thing to have any of the paging functions exposed for custom programming.

I hope this helps.

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