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Need urgent help - getting intermittent error
thinktanktoronto - 4/17/2010 at 08:28 PM

We've been putting a new site together and have had a very odd intermittent error, please see in-progress site at...

This is the first time we've used the Tigra Calendar Pro script, and it was working fine during out beta-testing the last 2 weeks, but suddenly today (after making no edits) we're getting the Java pop up box with error:

"Warning: Error of combinations"
- same on all browsers.

I just did a search of the Knowledge Base, support groups and these never seem to have been discussed before? Anyone able to offer any advise as to what that means and what could be triggering this error? We're meant to be going live with the new site within the week, so if it's an impossible issue we'll just use a different java calendar to fill in that field.... HELP?


thinktanktoronto - 4/18/2010 at 01:12 PM

WEIRD - We just confirmed that this 'Combinations' error ONLY comes up on a Saturday!
TIGRA Administrator - can you please advise why?

Here's the Java in the page:

<script language="JavaScript">

var CAL_INIT3 = {
// data format the calendar operates with
'dataformat' : 'm/d/Y',
'formname': 'search',
'mindate': '0',
'controlname': 'availabilityDate',
'picttype': 'img',
'pictname': 'a_button',
'allowed': {
'noerror': {'nominerror': true},
'nocontrols' : {
//'nomonth' : true,
//'noyear' : true,
//'nohour': true,
//'nominute' : true,
//'nosecond' : true,
//'notoday' : 'true',
//'noampm' : 'true',
'noothermonthday' : 'true'
// weather to hide any other opened calendar if opeining current one
'replace' : true,
'nobasecontrolpanelstyle' : true,
// weather to parse page URL for setting 'selected' date
'watch' : true

new calendar(CAL_INIT3, CAL_TPL1);

When we added 'Sat' as one of the allowed dates, the error stopped! So it must be some weird conflict with the marker for today's date, whatever that is? Can we just disable the marker that defaults to today's date (clumsy/not ideal)...
Please let us know ASAP TigraAdmin- else we'll dump this faulty code, just switch to jQuery or something else...

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