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Intitial Value for modal calendar
ScotDiddle - 3/24/2008 at 02:40 PM

Hello Folks,

I can't find a parameter for filling in the select box on a modal calendar on first display... starting out, I have it blank, but if the users makes a mistake on some other form data, I want to have the date the user got correct displayed (and selected) for him so he doesn't have to re-do the data entry for the date he already got correct, while he is fixing the other, erroneous data. I though that " 'selected' : 'mm-dd-yy' would do it, but... no.

Any advice will be appreciated.

Thanks, Scot L. Diddle, Richmond VA

ScotDiddle - 3/24/2008 at 03:12 PM

When I try the parameter:

watch : true

the input field is filled in but with todays date; it ignores my list of allowed dates. ( as determined by a DB query ).


ScotDiddle - 3/24/2008 at 06:23 PM

Hi All You Tigra Calendar Pro Enthusiasts !

Silly me... You need both 'selected' : some-valid-date.

and 'watch' : true,

What a great product...

For those of you still using the FREE version... Go on, shell out the $29.00... You won't be sorry.

Scot L. Diddle, Richmond VA

P.S. I was having trouble because my :: some-valid-date :: was generate by PHP and looked like this:


instead of

'02-Feb-2008' ( The error was: two single quotes on each end, instead of the requisite single, single quote ) Clear as Mud, Huh ?

Bad PHP Program! BAD PROGRAM!!!!!

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