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maxdate not working
Rene - 2/24/2008 at 02:12 PM

I use these vars:


var CAL_INIT = {
'nocontrols': {
'nohour': true,
'nominute': true,
'nosecond': true,
'noothermonthday': false,
'noampm': true },
'picttype': 'img',
'pictname': 'a_button',
'formname': 'formulier',
'dataformat': 'd-m-Y',
'controlname' : 'telefonie_portering',
'watch' : true,
'mindate' : '15',
'selected' : '15',
'maxdate' : '60',
'forbidden': {
'weekday' : ['Zat','Zon','Maa'] }

You sould be able to select dates between 15 day from now to 60 days max.
However, maxdate seems to be not working. It's possible to select dates beyond 60 days.
What's wrong?

tigra - 2/25/2008 at 03:00 AM

depending on what you need mindate may be -15
maxdate you specified is 60 days in future from today. Submit a support ticket attaching the demo of the problem if you don't get expected results. There are no known problems with maxdate/mindate at the moment.

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