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onchange event not fired in the controlname field
adam_lipscombe - 5/3/2005 at 02:38 PM

We have version 2.1.11 (modal mode customization).

When I change the date via the calendar no onchange event is fired from the date field. The date field gets populated OK.
I need to know when the date is changed so that I can reset some other fields on the form.

Is this possible?

The calendar init statement is:

var CAL_INIT =
'nobasecontrolpanelstyle': true,
'noyear' : true,
'notoday': true
'formname': '<%=formBean%>',
'controlname': 'expenseDate',
'dataformat': 'd/m/Y',
'maxdate': '0',
'mindate': '-365'
new calendar(CAL_INIT, CAL_TPL1);

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