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forbidden weekday AND some dates
gwe - 1/17/2005 at 09:53 AM


I would like to forbid somebody to click all the Saturday and the Sunday and some dates like '25-12-2004', '25-12-2005'.

Off course, I don't want to define all the saturdays and sundays of every year like

{'forbidden' : {'date': ['25/12/2004','01/01/2005','02/01/2005','08/01/2005','09/01/2005','15/01/2005','16/01/2005', ... ,'25/12/2005','25/12/2006',]}, 'controlname': 'date1','formname' : 'calen','dataformat' : 'd/m/Y'}

How can I do the Union???

CFD - 3/14/2005 at 12:55 PM

You can use only a separate dates or the time periods in current version of product.

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