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path-relative or context relative img parameter
whitedragonfly - 1/6/2005 at 04:16 PM

Is there a calendar init parameter to specify the location of the calendar img directory ...

For testing I use path relative script src attributes like "./../../tigra/calendar.js" and for deployment I use context-relative paths like "myapp/tigra/calendar.js".

Everything works ok except the images don't appear...

I am using Tigra Calendar PRO v2.1.13

CFD - 3/14/2005 at 12:59 PM

For this use CAL_TPL structure.
For example:
// icon image to open the calendar instance (IMG),
// not for on-page mode
'caliconshow': {
'src': 'img/cal.gif',
'width': 16,
'height': 16,
'border' : 0,
'alt': 'click to select date from the calendar'

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