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Vertical Centering
gbrandwood - 8/28/2002 at 02:45 PM


When I first used Tigra Calendar, I wondered why the pop-up window had 1 cm or so of white space between the calendar and the bottom window frame. Not giving it too much thought, I went in and reduced the window height in the "calendar1.js" file to make it fit perfectly.

However, I later realised why the space was there - some months have more table rows - doh! Should have thought of that.

So, as I hate odd spaces, I modified the calendar.html file by adding an extra table surrounding the existing table code:


I then modified the "calendar1.js" file back to it's original setting (actually, I can't remember what the original setting was) so that the height value read "185".

Et voila! In a typical month, the odd space at the bottom is evenly distributed between the top and bottom and months with the extra rows in fit pefectly too!

Just thought I'd pass this little idea on.

As I've not given this whole idea any real thought, it may be possible to achieve the same effect with the existing table code. I've not got time to check though now!



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