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calendar form php $_POST problem
loyd - 2/24/2009 at 07:31 PM

First of all HI to you all.

thanks for the calendar and for the help in advance.

I cant figure out the problem.
Hope there is anybody out there who can help me.
Im trying to write a form for php to make a database query.

But i cant seem to send the date (created with the tigra calendar)
to the *.php file
all other variables seem to work.
here the code: I took out some of the html code

<script language="JavaScript" src="calendar_eu.js"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/calendar.css">

<form name = "suchen" action="suchen.php" method="post">

<!-- calendar attaches to existing form element -->

<input type="text" name="datum" >

<script language="JavaScript">
new tcal ({
// form name
'formname': 'suchen',
// input name
'controlname': 'datum'



<select name="kategorie">
<option $auswahListe[1] value="single">Single</option>
<option $auswahListe[2] value="double">Double</option>
<option $auswahListe[3] value="quad">Quad</option>
<option $auswahListe[4] value="6bed">6-bed</option>
<option $auswahListe[4] value="8bed">8-bed</option>


<b>Geschlecht:</B><input type=radio name=geschlecht value=mann> MANN <input type=radio name=geschlecht value=frau> FRAU <br>
<input type=submit value=SUCHEN><br>

suchen.php code :


$datum = $_POST[datum];
$kategorie = $_POST[kategorie];
$geschlecht = $_POST[geschlecht];

echo $datum;

echo $kategorie;

echo $geschlecht;



I hope someone can point me into the right direction.

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