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donnal - 10/9/2002 at 06:39 PM

are there any sort of instructions available to make this work? MY javascript skills are shaky, at best, I am looking HARD at your index.html file but can't for the life of me see how to implement this into my page. Also, I will need multiple calendars. Is this possible with this script?

tigra - 11/6/2002 at 02:39 PM

1. make sure you have calendar files linked as in demo index html
2. make sure your form is valid html and it has name
3. place calendar icon with anchor by the input control
4. check that javascript function call in the link has all required valid parameters

multiple calendars are possible. you can see that working on demo site.

wcameron - 11/6/2002 at 03:13 PM

These instructions would not help anyone but the calendar designer. For the average person they are meaningless. It's great that the pro version comes with printed instructions, but why would one buy the pro version if the free version doesn't work?

For example:

How do I put a calendar into my web form?

How do I link it to my current database file?

How do I format it?

When I copied the files to my web server and then opened index.html it did not work.

If you can get me proper printed instructions that will tell me, step by step, how to work this calendar, I will happily buy the pro version.

tigra - 11/12/2002 at 10:20 AM

Distribution package you've downloaded from the product page is tested and should work fine. Please, unzip files to a directory and open index.html file. You'll see demo form with fields having each caledar icon. As soon as Tigra Calendar is pure client side script it should work fine after files are uploaded to the server unless files was changed or server is not configured properly. BTW: client-side script can't be linked directly to your database file. You should create server side script which query inital data from your database and send it to the client side script then receives HTML form submission and update database file accordingly.

Formats: Tigra Calendar currently supports two date formats: european (dd-mm-yyyy) and american (mm/dd/yyyy). Each can have time component. Support of any other format requires script modification. You can do it yourself, ask someone, or order it from us. Note: Tigra Calendar PRO comes with number of date fillters (formats supported) and if you can't find one in the library we'll create it at no additional charge.

Docs: ok, we'll consider creating documentation for Tigra Calendar, meanwhile please, take time to study comments in script files. This should help you to find out how to use tigra calendar as it helped for thousands other people.

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