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3 questions re Tigra Menu Pro
camner - 6/3/2003 at 05:09 AM

1. Say I have a simple menu scheme, two items in level 0, each with a single item in level 1 (let's call them main0,main1,main0sub0, and main1sub0). If I understand the docs correctly, main0 is referred to as level0item0,main1=level0item1,main0sub0=level1item0, and main1sub0 also = level1item0. If that is correct, then there is no way, through styles, to have main0sub0 and main1sub0 have different background colors and different mouseover and mouseclick changes. Is that correct?

2. I don't care for the 1 pixel "separator" between menu items. Can I just delete the reference to 'pixel.gif' in menu_tpl.js? If not, is there an alternative?

3. In some menu implementations that have submenus, I have seen a graphical triangle or arrow that gives a pictoral sense that there is a submenu; is there a way to do that with TigraMenus?

Thanks for your help...(yes, I'm a purchaser! Just earlier today!).

nik - 6/3/2003 at 09:03 AM

1. Yes, the same style class is applied to all items of the same level. However, it is possible to change background or font color and even create more complicated visual decorations for each separate item using wrappers. For more details see
2. The reference to 'pixel.gif' in menu_tpl.js is applied not for making gaps between items but for creating link with the size of each item. It's not desirable to delete it.
3. Yes, of course, you can do it using wrappers. For more details see

camner - 6/3/2003 at 04:55 PM

Thank you for your quick reply.

Does your reply to #2, about pixel.gif, imply that the apparent "1 pixel separation" between menu items is "built in", and not changable?

nik - 6/4/2003 at 08:04 AM

File pixel.gif has nothing to do with setting distance between items. It's required for creating link with the size of each item. You can rename it but you shouldn't delete it. To set distance between menu items you should make changes in menu_tpl.js file. For more details see

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