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Tigra menu not appearing correctly in IE9
JacintaBennett - 10/14/2011 at 01:23 PM

This is the coding that I have been using in the menu_tpl.js file so that the menu looks correct on IE8, Opera, Safari & Firefox. I have just noticed however that on IE9 the menu sits to the right. I have a feeling that this code that was provided to me by a Softcomplex staff member may contain specific data to ensure the menu sits correctly in earlier versions of IE. Is it possible to modify so that this is still the case but that in IE9 those specifications are ignored so that it sits the same way it does in Safari, Opera & Firefox? Sorry I hope this question makes sense.

/* Tigra Menu PRO template structure */

var s_userAgent = navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase();
var b_IE = (s_userAgent.indexOf('msie ') != -1);

var MENU_TPL = {
'width': [150,200,215],
'height': [20,20,20],
'block_left': [(b_IE ? 4 : -11),0,175],
'block_top': [10,25,0],
'left': [150,0,0],
'top': [0,25,25],
'hide_delay': [500,500,500],
'expd_delay': [500,500,500],
'align': 'center',
'pixel_path': 'pixel.gif'

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