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Using the Menu Align on Tigra Pro
aramb - 2/14/2010 at 02:57 PM

I am using Tigra Menu PRO. I have the menu set to be centered in the browser window using the 'align': 'center' command in the menu_tpl files. This works great on IE. On Mozilla, the menu is forced along the left-hand side of the browser window. Below is the code from my menu_tpl.js file. Any suggestions on how to make this work properly on Mozilla?

var MENU_TPL = {
'width': [126],
'height': [19],
'block_left': [null],
'block_top': [145],
'left': [126],
'top': [0],
'hide_delay': [200],
'expd_delay': [200],
'align': 'center',
'pixel_path': 'pixel.gif'

ericfree - 11/15/2010 at 03:21 AM

I am experiencing the same problem. But it only occurs when I include the <DOCTYPE> tag in the main HTML page. However, if I remove the <DOCTYPE> tag then that breaks some other parts of the HTML.

Can this be fixed at all in Tigra Menu PRO? Or can it be fixed only by upgrading to Tigra Menu GOLD?

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