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Migrate from "Tigra Menu" to "Tigra Menu PRO"
AGICIEL - 8/8/2007 at 01:06 PM


I've been using Tigra Menu since 2005 and I want to migrate to TIGRA MENU PRO.
Do I need to change my "Tigra_menu_items.js" ?
Is there a lot of work to migrate ?

Thanks in advance.


tigra - 8/8/2007 at 03:53 PM

The format of items file is very similar. there is a difference in the third parameter of the item (item scope settings). Tigra Menu v1.x didn't have third parameter (you'll have to add null to items with subitems), Tigra Menu v2.x has different format of the third parameter (if you used it then you'll have to adjust the format).

It's not too much work. Submit a support ticket if you need help.

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