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absolute height, aligned right?
deanpeters - 2/28/2003 at 03:23 AM

I've read the manual, but it is still unclear to me if I can place a menu 75px down (row) and align it to the right.

Where should I look this up/ find it / can anyone help describe it?

I'm futzing about with using css divisions, but I'm not having much luck going tableless with the Tigra GOLD menu to date ...

nik - 2/28/2003 at 04:06 PM

To move your menu down you should change MENU_POS['block_top'] and to align it to the right you should change MENU_POS['align'] in file menu_tpl.js.

deanpeters - 3/1/2003 at 03:29 AM

I did -- even with Demo0 -- no movement.

var MENU_POS0=[
// Level 0 block configuration
'top' : 150,
'align' : 'right',

nik - 3/7/2003 at 10:30 AM

Please, pay attention to your hierarchy declaration: 'block_top' shold be an array, not a scalar. According to the documentation MENU_POS0 declaration should look like:

'block_top' : [150, ...], // an array where cells correspond menu levels
'align' : 'right',

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