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Additional mouseover effect on menu
s1000 - 2/7/2003 at 10:07 PM

This question relates to the good old browser-problem... FORM elements don't respect the Z-indexing.

I used a "trick", learned from this forum, inserting som extra code to menu.js making the form elements "hidden" and "visible" when either moving mouse over or out of the entire menu.

Now, since only one column (say "ABOUT") hide behind these elements, I find it a bit sad that they disapear every time the entire menu is active. My idea was to add this extra mouseover to an image in menu_items.js (or writing a function to use with normal text):

< img src="about.gif" onmouseover="document.forms[0].style.visibility="hidden" >

... but this seems to be overwritten by the script in menu.js... is there a way to add extra mouseover code to a single menu-button?

tigra - 2/8/2003 at 09:29 PM

This problem relates to new browsers as well. We suggest upgrading to Tigra Menu GOLD which has workaround for this problem since ver 2.0

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