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slavinen - 5/26/2006 at 10:41 AM

I'm trying to build a menu in which submenus/blocks open in a table-like manner, that is, submenu items should be positioned in columns with four rows in each, expanding from left to right and top to down. I defined the submenus' menu item offset values in "menu_items.jsp" manually(see clip & screenshot below), because the editor doesn't allow negative offset values for menu items... The menu works fine in Windows XP/Firefox 6.0.x but I wonder whether this rubberband-method really is reliable.

Thanks in advance!


/* Tigra Menu PRO items structure */
var MENU_ITEMS = [
['Home', ['index.html', 'content']],
['MUOTOILU', null, null,
['TEOLLINEN', null, null,
['ekana', ['t1.html', 'content'], [200, -24]],
['tokana', ['t2.html', 'content']],
['koli', ['t3.html', 'content']],
['neli', ['t4.html', 'content']],
['viisi', ['t5.html', 'content'], [120, -72]],
['kuusi', ['t6.html', 'content'], [, 24]],
['seiska', ['t7.html', 'content'], [, 24]]
['UNIIKKI', null, null,
['ekana', ['u1.html', 'content'], [200, -48]],
['tokana', ['u2.html', 'content']],
['koli', ['u3.html', 'content']],
['neli', ['u4.html', 'content']],
['viisi', ['u5.html', 'content'], [120, -72]],
['kuusi', ['u6.html', 'content'],[, 24]],
['seiska', ['u7.html', 'content'],[, 24]]
['VALOKUVAUS', null, null,
['ekana', ['v1.html', 'content'], [200, -48]],
['tokana', ['v2.html', 'content']],
['koli', ['v3.html', 'content']],
['neli', ['v4.html', 'content']],
['viisi', ['v5.html', 'content'], [120, -72]],
['kuusi', ['v6.html', 'content'],[, 24]],
['seiska', ['v7.html', 'content'],[, 24]],
['kasi', ['v8.html', 'content'],[, 24]],
['ysi', ['v9.html', 'content'], [120, -72]],
['kymppi', ['v10.html', 'content'],[, 24]],
['ykstoista', ['v11.html', 'content'],[, 24]],
['kakstoista', ['v12.html', 'content'],[, 24]],
['kolmetoista', ['v13.html', 'content'], [120, -72]],
['neljatoista', ['v14.html', 'content'],[, 24]],
['viistoista', ['v15.html', 'content'],[, 24]],
['kuustoista', ['v16.html', 'content'],[, 24]]
['CV', ['cv.html', 'content']]

tigra - 5/26/2006 at 02:20 PM

yes, sure. With Tigra Menu PRO you can align the menu items any way you want. There is no change in the reliability because of that.

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