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SoftComplex - treacherous behaviour!?
Annelie - 12/2/2005 at 03:34 PM

This is outrageous!
The quote below was taken today from the Context help: Menu Horizontal Offset (pop up window in Tigra Menu Builder) - and this actually persuaded me to order the Pro version earlier today:

"Tigra Menu only supports absolute positioning so the origin point is always top left corner of the document (as illustrated).
* Tigra Menu PRO supports alignment feature (see Menu Align) so the origin point can be set to the center of the document or to its right edge. The menu will adjust its position as the browser window is resized.
* Tigra Menu GOLD supports relative positioning feature (see Positioning) which when enabled blocks menu offset parameters."

When I couldnA?t make it work, I went here and realized IA?ve been scammed.

Refund or free upgrade - at least - not to mention the time spent trying to work out whatA?s wrong!

Truly disappointed

spw - 1/19/2006 at 11:47 PM

Being a fan of the Tigra products (after much heartache and cursing - mainly at my own mistakes) I suggest a renewed look - for one, you dont actually say what the problem is other than "couldnt make it work".

In my experience (I use both Pro and Gold) **all** problems (also "couldnt get it to work" type) were due to my not reading or understanding the documentation or just plain careless.

Tigra has been very patient in showng me the mistakes when I could no longer figure them out, and I have in turn also submitted suggestions to improve documentation etc where i found some "issues".

Finally, this forum is a GREAT one for chatting to other users and getting to the bottom of issues... Happy to try to help....

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