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Menu PRO and builders. Also upgrade PRO->GOLD
tpersky - 1/16/2005 at 04:02 PM

I just purchased Tigra Menu Pro for $29.00
and was curious.

a) B4 I purchased I had done the online builder to create a menu

b) With Tigra Menu Pro I saw no windows installer file. How do I activate Tigra Menu Pro. - Does it have anything to do with the online menu builder?

c) I now saw that there is a windows application (tigra menu builder) which I downloaded for free. Did i need to have purchased Tigra Menu pro if there was this free windows software?

d) I ran the install of the tigra menu builder (windows app) on my pc and now i notice in the "mode" link up top it shows just tigra menu builder, but there are some greyed out options of tigra menu pro, and tigra menu gold. How can i incorporate the TIgra menu pro (that i just bought into this tigra menu builder?

e) One last thing... If someone wants to upgrade to Tigra Menu Gold from Pro, whats the procedure? Thanks.

olga - 3/3/2005 at 08:54 PM

Did you use the last stage of the Tigra Menu Builder called "How to Upgrade to Tigra Menu PRO?" ?

The instructions how to upgrade from Tigra Menu PRO to Tigra Menu Gold are posted here:

tigra - 3/4/2005 at 03:05 PM

olga has answered to your questoins a & e.

b) Current version of Tigra Menu Builder for Windows doesn't support Tigra Menu PRO configuration. It's not part of online menu builder. Those are two separate applications. Note that you can use Tigra Menu Online builder to generate Tigra Menu PRO configurations.

c) Tigra Menu Builder for Windows is part of free set of support materials available for our menu products. It only generates configuration files. You'll need the license and menu files to create working menu based on the commercial script.

d) see answer b.

PS: builders are fun allright, but if you need full control over all aspects of the menu appearance and functionality try looking into configuration files using any ASCII text editor.

tigra - 7/22/2005 at 10:51 PM

Builder supporting all three drop down menu products is now released. You'll find a copy of it in the distribution packages of the menu scripts.

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