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Multiple Menus slow to load and refresh
BBShan - 8/12/2002 at 09:27 PM

I have created a page with two vertical menus, each menu has five level 0 items and numerous level 1 and 2 items. The menus look great but are slow to load when the page first opens or when I refresh the page. Any suggestions for making the page load more quickly? I'm testing with both IE and Netscape.

tigra - 8/13/2002 at 06:27 AM

Tigra Menu PRO is getting slow on large hierarchies. If number of menu items is over 100 menu gets significantly slower.

We plan special release of menu with reused visual features set, but with better performance on large hierarchies. All existing customers will be informed with our monthly newsletter.

Richard S - 9/30/2002 at 11:18 AM

Hi, I have also found that Tigra Menu Pro is slower on a Mac than on a PC. Most especially when there are lots of menu items. Visit this site that we are developing -

I am using wrappers, no bg images but different colours for each level and over state. On a PC these menus work really well but I am developing the site on a Mac and it is almost impossible to view.

The page loads quickly but the system then grinds to halt trying to process the javascript. Worst offender is IE 5.2 in OSX. Netscape 7 is a bit better but even in OS9 both browsers (IE and NS) are really slow.

I thought OSX had the best Java (& jscript?) support of any OS.

Please let us know about this "special" version as soon as possible, thanks :)

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