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Calling Mouseover events from Link
tspurr - 10/26/2004 at 06:47 AM

I have a link in the menu from which I would like to call some mouseover events:

This is because I am popping up a separate menu (that's not in the Tigra menu) that's in an iframe to go over a Flash in IE, and moving the Flash off the page to show a placeholder in Netscape. I tried inner html to write the iframe into the menu items.js file but it didn't work.

tigra - 10/26/2004 at 11:45 PM

please look at

tspurr - 10/28/2004 at 05:03 PM

Thanks for the reply but I cannot use transparent Flash. This is due to Browser compatibility issues that I must comply with, also the Flash on the page needs a background image.

All I want to know is can I add a mouseover event to a link? And how would I do this?

I have a solution, but would be a lot smoother if I could use the mouseover event right in the Tigra Menu, without building a separate menu item using different code (which is what I did for now).

tigra - 10/28/2004 at 05:45 PM

The standard version of Tigra Menu PRO doesn't support custom even handlers (GOLD version does). Submit trouble ticket if you decide to upgrade your license to GOLD version.

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