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Menu postion in a Table
Duncan - 11/1/2002 at 10:47 PM

Hello I recently purchased Tigra Menu Pro and have been very satisfied with it. Everyday I try to see what else I can possibly do using the scripts. However I have come across something that I have not been able to figure out. I am attempting to place the menu into a cell of a table and have it scroll with it. After inserting the code and fiddling around with parts of it I have not had much success. Please tell me what I have done wrong.


tigra - 11/15/2002 at 08:42 AM

Tigra Menu PRO supports alignment feaure, but not true relative positioning you mentioned. New product called Tigra Menu GOLD will be released soon. It will support relative positioning. You and all existing Tigra Menu PRO users will receive free upgrade notification.

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