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donaldsa - 8/14/2002 at 06:50 PM

I would be nice if your menu generator allowed the option of generation either Windows or Unix type files. I need Windows files and the carriage control/line feeds are all screwed up in the generated files. The files work, its just hard to read them.


tigra - 8/15/2002 at 06:52 AM

Thanks for your feature request. We'll consider it when working on the next version of the builder.

BTW: more or less advanced text editors show UNIX endlines without any problems.

donaldsa - 8/15/2002 at 01:00 PM

If you maintain your website using FrontPage, out of the box editing support for .js files is done with notepad.exe. This is not an "advanced" editor by any means. Since many novice people (like myself) maintain their sites with FrontPage, they may be unfamiliar with the Unix/DOS conventions for carriage contol/line feeds.

tigra - 8/15/2002 at 01:58 PM

Personally I do all coding and HTML in Macromedia (Allaire) HomeSite. With this editor there is no need for notepad.

Anyway we'll keep in mind your suggesiton.

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