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right align in strech HTML layout
GeekStar - 8/2/2004 at 08:38 PM

Hi I am using the Pro and I am tring to get the menu to be positioned 50 pixels from the right border no matter if it's a 600 pixel wide or 1200 wide. I have tried this but it doesn't work.


var MENU_POS = [
// item sizes
'height': 44,
'width': 94,
// menu block offset from the origin:
// for root level origin is upper left corner of the page
// for other levels origin is upper left corner of parent item
'block_top': 50,
'align': 'right',
// offsets between items of the same level
'top': 24,
'left': 12,
// time in milliseconds before menu is hidden after cursor has gone out
// of any items
'hide_delay': 400,
'css' : {
'inner' : 'minner',
'outer' : ['moout', 'moover', 'modown']

tigra - 8/3/2004 at 01:44 PM

The fragment of the code you provided looks like one for Tigra Menu GOLD. To achieve the result you need with PRO version specify right alignment and horizontal offset with block_left key. For sample see alignment demo in the distribution package.

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