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Error with Nescape 4.7
imad - 10/10/2002 at 06:40 AM

The menu is not loading in Netscape 4.7 The error message is: [Javascript error: Type 'javascript:' into Location for details]

The menu is working fine with othe browsers/version

Please help

tigra - 10/14/2002 at 09:17 AM

Make sure you're using PRO version of the script. What is error description on that javascript console provide?

Nox - 12/5/2002 at 06:04 PM

Got same error by using the online menu builder .. how can we tell if you are using the pro version .. I thought I was! Does it have to do with the code on the index.html page or the .css and .js files that the menu builder generates?

tigra - 12/5/2002 at 09:10 PM

To check what version of menu you are using look into menu.js file. Product title and version is specified there.

Tigra Menu Online Builder uses free (non PRO) version of the menu during building process. You can save your results for pro version following the link in upgrade section on the last stage.

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