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Pro much slower with Mac browsers?
allegria - 9/18/2002 at 06:07 PM

Using the TM Pro product, with images for the menu item, the page load stalls very noticeably when loading the menu, taking several seconds to load GIFs that are less than 1k. The same doesn't happen on PCs... Any idea what's going on?

tigra - 9/23/2002 at 11:24 AM

Tigra Menu PRO doesn't affect images download process. Difference in download time may be caused by differences in caching schemes.

Richard S - 9/30/2002 at 11:20 AM

Hi, I have also found that Tigra Menu Pro is slower on a Mac than on a PC. Most especially when there are lots of menu items. Visit this site that we are developing -

I am using wrappers, no bg images but different colours for each level and over state. On a PC these menus work really well but I am developing the site on a Mac and it is almost impossible to view.

The page loads quickly but the system then grinds to halt trying to process the javascript. Worst offender is IE 5.2 in OSX. Netscape 7 is a bit better but even in OS9 both browsers (IE and NS) are really slow.

I thought OSX had the best Java (& jscript?) support of any OS.

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