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Menu: Home Page and Inner Pages
appalbarry - 1/22/2008 at 04:34 AM

I want to create ONE menu structure that can easily be used/adapted throughout a site with several sub-sections. (Essentially a home page, with links to sets of pages for each of five festivals)

a) When I Hover the mouse over the menu item in the Main menu, the submenu opens.

On my Main Home Page I'd like to disable that hover behaviour so that the submenus don't appear, but other hover behavior remains, and the Menu items click though to the inner sections of the site.

b) For the several inner sections of the site I want to modify the Main menu
so that the Main menu selection for that section is highlighted, and the submenu is locked open. I would need one of these modified menus for each section of the site or each festival.

I suspect this is easy, but figure that someone has already done it.


tigra - 1/23/2008 at 02:04 AM

a) you can achieve that by creating the menu with different items configuration in different pages. For example if you don't want a submenu then just create and link a copy of menu_items.js file without that submenu.

b) the menu will not load with the submenus locked open. It's not proper behavior for the drop down menu. What you describe sounds more like tabs navigation. Submit a support request if you're interested in the quote for the script customization.

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