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diff bg images for first level?
no-tec - 3/3/2003 at 06:58 PM

ive scoured the board and help files but with no avail. for the life of me i cannot figure out how to:
have the main level bg images not be solid colors but diff images for each button.

i get it work but once i upload it to a server the bg image covers the pic. can i set the BG color to 0% opacity/alpha anyway? any help is much appreciated. the wrapped html tags didnt see to work either.
thisis a great tool but this one thing is driving me insane.

nik - 3/5/2003 at 07:39 AM

You should just set images as items or put them as items on the table background to write text over them.

no-tec - 3/5/2003 at 01:05 PM

i dont really get it at all, but im gonna take a stab at it. ill tell you how it comes out.

but how come if i open the doc on my computer it works fine, but once its on a server, the images dont show through?

tigra - 3/5/2003 at 02:47 PM

Posting above means that you can take advantage of inner HTML feature. Put HTML table as item's text. You can define background image for the table and put the text inside the cell. Tables can be defined independently for each item.

Images can get lost on the server when alias is defined for the directory where you put them. Apache for example often have alias for /icons folder, so if you name your dir the same it will be replaced with alias to the location where apache icons are stored.

no-tec - 3/5/2003 at 07:11 PM

i see. very confusing, but im slowly learning. thanks for the help guys.

no-tec - 3/6/2003 at 05:55 PM

ok new problem. Can you have one of those inner html tags [i.e. table with a background image] inserted and have it clickable?

basically you cannot have im image showing on the first level and also have it clickable to another link

correct me if im wrong.

tigra - 3/7/2003 at 08:02 AM

The whole area of menu item is clickable no matter if you use inner HTML. Just make sure you have correct size settings for that item in menu config.

no-tec - 3/7/2003 at 01:14 PM

are you sure? the only way i can make the menu clickable is if the BG color is showing through for some reason.

if i have the image overlaying it, it wont let me click it. it will look normal when i mouse over, with no change in the curser, and when i click the button it turns to the -hand, but still no action takes place.

know what im sayin?

-thanks man

no-tec - 3/7/2003 at 04:31 PM

oh, no . i got it. holy crap. thanks alot guys. i appreciate the help

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