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Problem resizing window with tigra menu
deswal - 6/29/2007 at 04:03 PM

Hi, I have sme problem with tigra menu.I have made a link.html file and include it in default.asp file.alignment is working fine in full browser mode but when we resize the browser then it will cross the table(disalign).Please help ASAP

tigra - 6/29/2007 at 06:50 PM

Tigra Menu supports absolute positioning - you specify the distance in pixels from top left corner of the document to top left corner of the menu. This will work perfectly with the left aligned content. If the content of the page is centered or right aligned then its coordinates will change depending on the window size which will result in menu being offsync with the content. Tigra Menu PRO and Tigra Menu GOLD support additional positioning options which makes them work with centered and right aligned content.

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