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Safetyman - 8/2/2006 at 05:56 AM


I am trying to hide the tigra menu on print.

I have configured a print.css file to hide unwanted elements from my page on print, however I can't find a way of hiding the menu. Is there an easy way to hide the tigra menu on print?

Someone suggested using a print button on the page which contains some js to hid the menu?

Thanks, Safetyman.

tigra - 8/3/2006 at 12:08 AM

following the same CSS idea you can make all the menu elements color/background transparent.

Safetyman - 8/9/2006 at 04:23 AM

Ok thanks Tigra.
Can you give me a pointer of how to do that please?

tigra - 8/9/2006 at 05:55 PM

here is the CSS file for the demo1 from the distribution package:


.m0l0oover {
display: none;

if configuration of your menu is different just list the classes for outer tags of the root level instead of two classes above.

Safetyman - 8/11/2006 at 05:40 AM

Thanks for that Tigra, you've been a great help!

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