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[TIP] Relative positioning with Tigra menu (no GOLD)
deadforsure - 8/11/2005 at 01:35 PM

I succed to put Tigra Menu inside a table or div, doing this way:

1- enclose the script in a div like this

<div style="display:block; position:relative">
<script language="JavaScript">
new menu (MENU_ITEMS, MENU_POS);

2- put the div inside the element you want (table, div) the menu to display inside.

SopieMunky - 9/19/2005 at 09:38 AM

This...kind of worked. I was able to put my menu somewhere other than the top left corner, but the menu isn't exactly relative to the page where the table I have it in is located. Yes, it moves when I resize the page, but not the way it's supposed to.

In other words, the menu is still off-centered, but it's a start...

...any additional solutions to add to this?

Also, I viewed my page in FireFox with these results.

With Internet Explorer the menu was completely off. It was in the same vertical spot, but the menu started where it was supposed to be centered, so it overlapped the rest of the page to the right of the center spot.

Keep experimenting. This is fun! :D

amiel01 - 12/22/2009 at 03:54 AM

Thanks a lot!

This worked okay for me. I simply had to change the top and left offsets to make them look properly.

Thanks again! =)

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