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Tigra Menu Gold issues
mukesh11 - 7/29/2005 at 04:59 PM


I am using Tigra Menu Gold to build a website. In particular I
am using the menu type'Tabs' whose demo page can be looked
at the following URL:

I am facing few problems with the menus and will appreciate your feedback:

1. The second level menu as shown in the enclosed file also
shows immage of 'Tab' which it should show as just plain white. You
can select some tab in the demo page and see an example.

2. I want to add arrows to the second level menus if they have some
entries. The demo page for which can be seen at the following URL:

In the enclosed image file the menu
'Visa - FAQ' should show an arrow to indicate that it has some entries.
How do I achieve this?

3. The third issue concerns selection of a menu. What I want is that
upon selection of a menu item the corresponding web page should open
in a 'new' browser window and not in the same browser window.
The following is the example code for two menu
items which takes the user to a web page on website.

[wrap_blue('Visas - FAQS'), null, {'sw':196, 'bw':196},

['Nonimmigrant Visa - Categories', ''],
['Immigrant Visa - Categories', ''],

How can I tell it to load the web page in 'not the same' browser window
but a 'new' one?

Hoping to hear from you.

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