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Change cursor for non-link items
jules - 12/16/2002 at 01:05 AM

Is it possible to change the pointer to an arrow if the url is null (ie just a header for a set of sub menus) ??

aden_mfm - 2/27/2003 at 04:05 AM

I need the solution on your problem regarding topic about to change the pointer to an arrow if the url is null.
p/s:i'm beginner user about this forums!

tigra - 1/31/2007 at 04:58 PM

There is a trick to set the CSS properties to individual items. It's based on the fact that the menu assigns each element the unique ID. The outer tags have IDs like e<menu_index>_<item_index>o where <menu_index> is the 0 based menu number (0 - first menu 1 - second menu etc) and <item_index> is the zero based number of the item (in the order they're described in menu_items.js file). So to change the cursor for the first element of the firs menu put following in your CSS file:

#e0_0o {
cursor: default;

do the same for other items what need cursor (or any other CSS property adjusted).

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