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Trouble Adjusting Width for Text, Submenu Cannot be viewed in its Entirety
zvwade - 6/16/2005 at 05:05 PM

First, allow me to say how much I love your online menu builder. I used it to provide the basic files I needed to create a new menu, and tweeked the code to get the final results I desired. I am just about done, however I have two issue.s Will you please assist me with the following?:

I have adjusted the width of the menu, but for some reason the second menu item is cut off, and the last menu item's section remains wider than the other sections. How do I evenly distribute the menu width? (Please see attached. I'm sure my babbling will make sense once you've viewed the attached.)

Also, one of my submenus is so long that all of its items cannot not be viewed on the screen. If a user goes to scroll down to view the bottom of the list, the submenu disappears. What can I do to correct this problem? Do I just increase the time in milliseconds before menu is hidden after cursor
has gone out? Is it possible to change the time on just one submenu, and not the entire menu?

Is it possible to code the menu so the submenu appears to float over the screen so the entire list can be used? (see fig 2 on attached). With our current menu, if you click on the menu item Applications, the entire submenu appears on top of the screen. If that can be done, will you please tell me how? Html is not really my thing, I can manipulated if it's provided, but I cannot write my own.

Thank you!!

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