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Online Builder Menu disappearing
Jax60 - 10/20/2004 at 04:29 PM

I have just purchased Tigra Menu Pro and for quickness I used the Online Builder to set-up my menu.

However, after adding all the menu items I needed, nothing appears in either the Preview Results option or when I try to download all the files.

I have also attempted to use some of the demos available from the Menu Pro files but whenever I start altering 'items' the whole menu disappears.

Any help would be appreciated and sorry if it's a little vague but I'll try and give more info if you need it.

tigra - 10/20/2004 at 05:26 PM

please open trouble ticket at our support system attaching zip file with your files. we'll take a look at your files and will let you know what causes the problem and how to fix/avoid it.

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