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More destinations for links, and cookie info..
Trackz - 8/29/2002 at 01:24 PM

Hi there.. At first .. Very very nic work over here..
Some questions for you...

Is there any way to use this script outside of frames, opening pages in the same window (ie. TARGET="_self"), and after the new page loading leaving the clicked folder/link opened. I guess with the use of cookies..
Next to that. Is it possible to have one or more links opening in a separate window, when in tree_tpl.js target is set to _self?

Hope you have an answer for me.. Regards,

tigra - 8/30/2002 at 06:59 AM

We plan to release PRO version of the Tigra Tree which is expected to work as you described. Subscribers will be notified.

Feel free to submit more feature requests.

Trackz - 8/30/2002 at 02:18 PM

Ok.. thanx for the info. Where can I join this list?
Currently working on a PHP/SQL driven script to edit the contents of this menu.
Maybe this can be placed on the site for sharing, and future updated when I'm done with it.
Let me know if you're interested. or anybody else.... or somebody else working on maybe like to share.

tigra - 9/3/2002 at 07:41 AM

How to join the list: Just provide E-mail and Full Name when downloading the product.

Solutions sharing: Feel free to post your Tigra Tree Menu related solutions on this (or any other) forum. Your code examples are welcome. Thanks.

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